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Community Capacity Building Technology (CCBT)

Community Capacity Building has been carried out mainly in some of the most developed countries; however, in recent years, it has been used in the emerging economies. The term CCB was introduced as part of a political fashion, in order to address the underlying reasons for inequalities and depravations in specific communities. Butterfield Green has been engaged in the development of web-based technologies and tools (CCBT) for empowering individuals and small communities, helping them to compete in today’s global economy. Our project (CCBT) has a simple economic objective, and that is to empower our members and communities to materialise their professional potential.  To achieve this we developed number of Internet based platforms where individuals can access the type of technology, which is available to only few large organisations.

The CCBT addresses number of key disadvantages of these individuals and communities:

  • Lack of capital to invest in their business
  • Access to professional advice such as marketing expertise, budget control, legal advice, online services, etc…
  • Access to effective training

Butterfield Green together with her local partners works towards community empowerment.

According to OECD  “community” is formed based on geography, identity or issue.  Butterfield Green CCBT allows communities to be formed with a strong sense of belonging, clear identity, and a clear purpose, but having said this, our CCBT connects our members to  much wider communities, both national and international.

Butter Field Green Community Capacity Building Technology (CCBT)

To deliver our objectives (empowering young entrepreneurs) CCBT has developed a number of systems. Butterfield Green has developed a number of platforms designed to provide the young entrepreneurs the support they require to get their business off the ground.

DAFTARLogo Image

Daftar provides a vertical office environment that allows the members carry their day-to-day work as an individual and also in collaboration with the other members.

KARIDARI  Image result for karidari 

Karidari is a BtoC based platform, which allows professionals and service providers offer their services to the users (public). This will help those freelancers who work from home reach the market without a need to invest in a physical office or workshop.

Koja is a directory-based platform, which is primarily addressing small to medium businesses (shops and workshops). koja provides theses businesses more visibility in the market.


Bazar is a multi tenant ecommerce platform, designed to allow small companies to enjoy the ecommerce technology. Bazar is designed to support the commercial activities of the members.

Specialised Directories

Butterfield Green has developed a number of specialised directories, which addresses specific fields. They are released based on the local communities’ needs, requirements, and market conditions.

Training Provision

All our platforms are very simple to use and all necessary trainings are incorporated in them with free access to the members. Our local partners primarily are selected from education and training institutions.

Butterfield Green has a partnership agreement with for delivery of more in-depth and advanced training.