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    Understanding your training needs and expectations is crucial to the successful design and implementation of your e-learning project. Over 30 years of experience in education & training allows us to grasp our client’s goals and provide them with the suitable solution. Read more…


      We know what you want from your e-learning system; Simplicity, Scalability, flexibility, with a friendly and efficient multilingual interface at a competitive price with no dependency to any third party supplier and even to us. We are ready to deliver it. Read more…


        Our key to a successful project implementation is empowerment of the stakeholders. Using our online training programs and face-to-face workshop, together we will build your virtual campus. We will get you started in less than a week. Read more…


        Think Possibilities, Think The Educators

        We are great at what we do

        People learn and absorb information in different ways and at different speeds: e-learning provides a flexible and versatile learning system that enables your organisation and learners to tailor their training to fit with their own specific circumstances. Coupled with instructor-led training, it can bring additional dimensions and enhance the learning process overall.

        Our specialization

        VLE Design
        Staff Training
        Content Design
        Total Solution

        Core Services

        • Consultation


Understanding your learner’s needs, is crucial to the design of any learning activity. Conducting needs analysis will help conceptualise the design.

        • Strategic planning


Optimising your corporate training efforts and resources using e-learning technology and defining the strategies for an effective digital migration by your staff are our key strategic objectives.

        • Design

          We engage your staff and learners from the outset. Our integrated development process allows the trainers to be part of the design team and encourages them to bring their learners on for real feed back.

        • Training

          The key to a successful e-learning project implementation is the effective engagement of the stakeholders. Our e-learning training and support for your staff is the corner stone of success.

        • Productivity

          Considering the ever increasing cost of instructors, class rooms, plus travel, refreshment, staff cover, etc.… e-learning makes obvious sense at a fraction of the cost. This is not to replace your trainers but making them more accessible to your learners.