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Why you should choose


While there are several open source Learning Management Systems (LMSs) available today, Moodle is our preferred choice because of its rapidly growing presence. Moodle is also the choice of global community of professionals and educators. Moodle’s extremely customisable core gives us the flexibility to address our client’s diverse requirements, and its robust open-source learning platform takes away any dependency to one software house.

Why do organisations choose Moodle?

In the most recent LMS 360° Report, members tried or adopted Moodle report high satisfaction rates, low costs, and easy implementation and use. Ninety-five percent of the users indicated they did not intend to find an alternative solution.

In ten years, Moodle has already attracted a large and diverse user community. There are 345 sites with more than 10,000 users. Moodle’s obvious appeal is that it has the potential of creating cost-effective online learning communities.

Moodle helps educators create an effective collaborative online-learning community using sound pedagogical principles for a very low cost. You can easily and quickly install it, it can scale up to accommodate a large user base, and it provides typical LMS features present in most similar commercial products.

Moodle updates are common, the development community is very supportive, and its universal use is providing reliable learning solutions.

Most of these considerations apply as well to business organisations, including SME’s.