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Digital Migration and Technology Integration for excellent

Staff development

The key to a successful e-learning project implementation is the effective engagement of the stakeholders. Our program of training and support for your staff is the corner stone of our success. Our approach allows the development of a meaningful, engaging and practical training at point of need, supported by our team-based approach it ensures the development of skills and gradual understanding of disciplinary contexts for your staff and learners.

Staff Training

We take your team on board from the outset and empower them without taking them through a steep learning curve. To ensure this we use an integrated development processs, which delivers the training and the development of e-learning courses concurrently.


There is always a focus on the fiscal bottom line in delivering training. Taking an organisation fully online will take a long time. But using the comparatively lower cost e-learning and blending it with the traditional face to face workshops allows us to provide attractive blended learning solutions. This approach allows the organisation to enjoy the benefit of the e-leaning technology in a much shorter time. Together we will find the optimal blend suitable for your training needs.

The factors enhancing your performance:

  • Increasing the trainers’ performance both in quality and quantity
  • Extending the geographical reach of your program
  • Increasing the organisation teaching capacity (number of learners)
  • Getting more out of your physical resources
  • On demand performance related reports