A learning culture is one in which learning is valued and is embedded across an organisation. It takes time and commitment to establish a learning culture.

Here are some of the ways in which you can encourage and raise awareness of the value of learning:

  • Investors in People is a quality standard which encourages good practice in the development of people across your organisation. As an externally assessed standard, IiP also provides recognition of your strengths in this area, as well as helping to identify development points. More information is available from the Investors in People website or from the publication “Not for Profit, Fully Professional”.
  • Leadership – if senior management and line managers can appreciate and become enthusiastic about the value of learning and development for both themselves and others, this sets the tone for the organisations. The Educators can help with for ideas and opportunities for leadership development
  • People learn a lot from teaching others – encourage people to share what they know with others – in writing, at team meetings, at staff conferences and events, informally
  • Get involved with initiatives such as Learning at Work day which encourage people to participate in “taster” sessions on topics which may be unrelated to their daily work.

We actively encourage the involvement and interest of all educators, and invite you to visit our support program. We hope to be instrumental to encourage more educators to go online and share their professional knowledge.

Online Courses \currently on offer:

Internet Marketing Course (Digital Marketing Course),
International Trade Course (Import and Export Course),
Marketing Course, Advertising Course, Public Relations Course,
Human Resources Management Course, Project Management Course,
Customer Relationship Management Course (Customer Care Course),
Negotiation Course, Problem Solving Course, Business Law Course, Recruitment and Selection

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