Why e-learning?

People learn and absorb information in different ways and at different speeds: e-learning courses provide a flexible and versatile learning system that enables organisations and learners alike to tailor their training to fit with their own specific circumstances. Furthermore, when e-learning is coupled with instructor-led training, it can bring additional dimensions and enhance the learning process overall.

Putting your corporate training online is:

Online training is easy to access from anywhere and allows your learners to pace themselves however they need. If you have employees across the country or globe, online training ensures that they’re all receiving the same information and learning the same policies. By using a learning management system to deliver your training, you are ensuring that your employees can access it whenever they need to. You can even deliver it straight to their mobile devices.

More Engaging
We are social creatures who crave the opportunity to share our knowledge. Online training via an on-demand learning management systems embraces our innate love of social sharing and gives subject matter experts tools that enable them to directly share information with peers.

Online training can also provide introverted employees a safe place to ask questions and engage with more experienced colleagues. The lack of spatial proximity gives more students the ‘courage’ to engage me directly.

Immediate and Cost-Effective
Providing e-Learning to your staff is an immediate, cost-effective way of delivering training. It boosts productivity and engagement. Online training streamlines knowledge sharing, allowing a sales staff to get out there and sell instead of wasting time sitting through a training lecture. In addition, you cut down on the costs of speakers, travel and facilities required for in-person training.

Easy and Fun
You can create tons of engaging interactions in your e-Learning course, from videos to games and more.

Not sure what kind of tools you need to create e-Learning, or think e-Learning development will be hard to learn? Contact us and let us to guide you through. (Free consultation)

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose e-learning and blended learning as an option:


e-learning training courses are extremely cost-efficient with classroom and instructor costs continuing to increase, plus travel / refreshment / staff cover, e-learning makes obvious sense at a fraction of the cost.


e-learning can be done at a time, place and pace that suits you; downtime at work, organised ‘learning periods’, working at home – there are many possibilities – your courses are available 24 / 7. Learners are not pressured to ‘keep up’ or conversely feel that they are waiting for the ‘stragglers’: they can dictate the pace.


Employers can track learning (learner progress, log in / out times, assessment results etc) and run reports on all aspects of training. Learner feedback is also available.


e-learning training courses can be delivered in a variety of ways to cater for different learning situations – for example:

  • classroom style, e.g. with projection screen
  • individual learner at their desk
  • individual learner at home (particularly suitable for those working in the field or otherwise away from base)
  • workshop / small group working (great for more intense discussion of the issues)
  • even on the bus to work, using mobile learning (m-learning) course technology.

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