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As educators our shared vision is to preserve our unique skills and knowledge and address diverse issues from variety of socio-cultural point of view. Advances in both the web technology and telecommunication have created innumerable opportunities for further advancement of online learning industry. The Educators’s services and products are aimed toward expanding the use of this technology in both encouraging the digitisation & distribution of knowledge and expanding the delivery & communication of know-how. We promote independent, simple, and accessible solutions, which can empower the educators to get their courses on-line with the shortest learning curve. To achieve this we have developed a series effective and cost effective programmes, visit services section.


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  1. How to take your course online
  2. E-learning Development tools
  3. Defining the goals and objectives of your online course
  4. Designing your course (Story board processing)
  5. Content development 1- (Resources)
  6. Content development 2- (Activities)
  7. Creating measurable assignments and feed back systems
  8. How to measure the course’s effectiveness
  9. Delivery platforms
  10. Online marketing training


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