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The Educators in brief: 

Our Company Mission

Quality Education at Affordable Price

The Educators Philosophy

We believe that the only sustainable solution to the world maladies (poverty, hunger, injustice, ignorance, prejudices,) is Education, Education, and Education.

The Educators Promise

To our learners: Follow our free guide (Job centre) and you will find your way to that dream job.

We Can Deliver On Projects

To our colleagues: Follow our free guide (Going Online) and you will get your course online.


I believe that the only sustainable solution to the world maladies (poverty, hunger, injustice, ignorance, prejudices,) is Education, Education, and Education. While some of you (The Educators) are already working online yet millions more can join to provide their distinct contribution on this important issue.

I welcome your involvement and interest, and invite you to get involved in our free support program. We hope providing basic supports on this site to be instrumental to encourage more educators to go online and share their professional knowledge, creative ideas, and talents with a wider audience.

My call to all the educators is to start right now, and get ready to take your course online. We provide you an independent advice and you are not expected to join us or register on this site. All information is freely available and we do not advocate or promote any commercial product. This invitation is open to everyone who is interested to develop his or her online program, just visit the “GOING ON LINE” section.

The is a commercial organisation and provides multitude of services within the education Industry. We are actively searching for suitable partners globally, so if you share our philosophy “Quality Education at Affordable Price” just contact us.

With many thanks and hope for your success.

Siamak Taslimi


Siamak Taslimi
CEO and Co-founder

An honest approach to teaching and learning is Siamak’s whole mark

Parto Zare
Budget, Dead Lines, Targets, and Customer Satisfactions are Parto’s Keywords

Tony Zohari
Head of Digital
Creativity, Design and Functionality are the trade mark of Tony’s work

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