Developing an Influencer Plan

Developing an Influencer Plan

In today’s marketplace, the biggest challenge you have is standing out in the crowd, becoming recognized as an authority, and obtaining your dream job. Tested, proven marketing strategies can help you solve these challenges, whether you think you of yourself as a marketer or not.

Getting started

First you have to identify your target audience (those how may be interested in your product or service). Next study  the competitive landscape and your target audience needs, those who may be interested to receive your instructional posts or blogs.

To keep the cost down you need to  your own writing, proofreading, uploading into WordPress, and finding copyright free images for individual posts.

Start Building your LinkedIn network, Facebook Fan page (not a personal page), Google+ and get your Twitter going (subject to your audience you may use other social networks)

The influencer list

Influencer can be defined as a blogger, competitor, or media organization that is creating content of interest to our target audience. Initially, can develop this list by tracking keywords (like “content marketing”) in Google Alerts, authors in industry trade publications, those who were talking about the topic on Twitter, LinkedIn  and other bloggers that you just find interesting.

  • LinkedIn- Join the relevant groups and discussion.
  • Article Submission Sites – Join the relevant article posting sites.
  • FaceBook Fan page – Start building your face books fan page.

Getting the attention of influencers

As influencers, these people are fairly important. They generally have real jobs, and are extremely active on social networks, spending their time sharing content and blogging. Getting on their radar is not easy. So, to get their attention, you can give away content gifts.

Ways to achieve this:

Social media 4-1-1

Originally coined by Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping, Social Media 4-1-1 is a sharing system that enables a company to get greater visibility with social influencers.

Here’s how it works.

For every six pieces of content shared via social media (think Twitter for example):

  • Four are pieces of content from your influencer target that are also relevant to your audience. This means that 67% of the time you are sharing content that is not yours, and calling attention to content from your influencer group.
  • One piece can be your original, educational piece of content.
  • One piece can be your sales piece, like a coupon, product notice, press release or some other piece of content that no one will pay attention to.

While the numbers don’t have to be exact, it’s the philosophy that makes this work. When you share influencer content, they notice. And you share, without asking for anything in return … so that when you do need something someday, the influencers are more likely to say yes.

Big content gifts

From your “top content marketing blogs” list, you can decide which one can get a better visibility with influencers by actually ranking the influencers and sharing it out with the masses.

You can rank the top bloggers, websites, books, etc…looking at areas like consistency, style, helpfulness, originality, and social sharing. Then each quarter, you can publicise the list, showcase the top 10, send out a press release, and try to make a big deal out of it. You will find that most of this influencer group share the list with their audiences, and may place your widget (with their personal rank) on their home page, linking back to our site. So not only are we building long-term relationships with these influencers, you are getting credible links and traffic as well.

The importance of a community blog

As you may not have the resources (time and money) to develop large body of content you can find others to join you. To attract these social influencers you should put a compelling case forward (you can be promoting their blogs or book, etc). Most of these influencers (if approached properly) will be more than happy to help you out.

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to take your course online on a commercial or non-commercial basis.

Influencer program results

You will see positive traffic patterns almost immediately simply because of the amount of social sharing from the network.

That, in turn, leads to more social sharing and some amazing SEO results.

While you may or may not launch a blog that has outside contribution, committing to maintaining a social influencer list is a critical component to your social sharing program.

Next step is to add webinars and video marketing to your content.

This report was written based on an Article by: Joe Pulizzi is founder of Content Marketing Institute