How To Use Google+ For Content Marketing


Whether we are looking for a lawyer, mechanic, or a great restaurant, we look to our friends for recommendations. In other words, we look to people we trust.

The same principle applies online.

We look to social signals when evaluating any piece of content. A blog post or YouTube video with with thousands of shares or views is an indication that it is relevant. In other words, social proof is the new marketing.

With Google Search Plus Your World (S+YW), a search feature that enhances your results, it’s yet another intriguing wrinkle in the ever-unfolding story of authorship and how it may affect search rankings.

Try this little experiment

Head over to Google and type in “hide personal results.”

Depending on who’s in your Google+ circles and contacts, you’re going to receive both personal and private results — relevant tips, photos and articles from your friends — right beside other relevant content from the web.

Here are the top two results I received for the phrase “hide your personal results”:

Image of Google Search Results


The number one listing is from a gal who has implemented Google’s authorship markup. It helps that she posted on a site with high authority — Lifehacker is a blog brand just about everyone recognizes.

The second result is from a guy I kind of know. In fact, the grey head-and-shoulders icon says this guy is in my Google+ network (he obviously has authorship markup implemented, too).

So, whose article do you think I clicked on? That’s right, Brian Gardner’s. And this, my friends, is how social recommendation in search is now working, thanks to S+YW.

How To Use Google+ For Content Marketing

S+YW drastically changed the SEO game

Here’s the deal: because of S+YW you and I will not receive the same results in Google for a given phrase — even if we’re connected on Google+.

We simply don’t have the same search history profile.

What that means is when it comes to measuring our success with the classic SEO metric — page ranking — you need to rethink your strategy because the game has changed.

It’s changed so much that Danny Sullivan said that S+YW was the most radical transformation of Google search results ever.

What this means in the long run is that ranking has become an even more complex equation. Who you know has become an incredibly important factor for most searches. (As always, it’s debatable whether this is a good thing or not.)

Another reason to grow your Google+ network

For example, if you want to land in your network’s search results for the phrase “hide personal results,” you would need to do at least four things:

  • Create an epic post on “how to hide personal search results on Google.”
  • Publish that post on an authoritative site.
  • Get people to link to and share that post.
  • Grow your Google+ network.

While you have control over the four above steps in varying degrees, it’s that last point that you probably have the most control over. Let’s say you are in more than 1,000 Circles, but you have another 1,000 Gmail contacts. That means your total net reach in search is more than 2,000 people. Not too bad, since you can extend that reach simply by growing your presence and audience on Google+ (I’ll show you how below — don’t worry, it’s pretty easy).

Why Google+ is the better social network

See, your network impact on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest doesn’t extend beyond those social media domains. Your content is sheltered (which is another reason not to be a digital sharecropper).

  • On Google+ your network impact extends beyond the social media domain. It follows you across all of Google’s products: Reviews, Maps, Chrome, Ads, Hangouts, YouTube, Drive, Calendar, Wallet.
  • It follows you across every Google product.
  • This is what people mean when they say that Google+ is a social layer.
  • Search has been upgraded by social.

In addition, where a tweet or a Facebook post has a shelf life of 30 minutes at the most, a Google+ post can be found during a search by someone in your network …no matter how old it is.

How to build your personal impact in S+YW

Fortunately, the process for increasing your S+YW influence is pretty straightforward:

And keep in mind that the growth of your Google+ network is actually exponential.

… if one person who has 10,000 Google+ followers (and/or other Google contacts, such as people in her Gmail contacts) follows you, you’ve gained the ability to potentially influence the search of not just one, but 10,000 other people, most of whom don’t even know you exist!

This kind of reach is only available through S+YW, which is just one more reason why you should make Google+ an essential component of your content marketing strategy.

About the Author: Demian Farnworth is Chief Copywriter for Copyblogger Media. You can his blog to read his Education of a Writer series.